Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.
I am Janette and a long time ago, I had a dream to be able to create beautiful jewelry in my own studio. I started with Swarovski, artist lampwork beads and freshwater pearls. The timing and situation were not right, but now 15 years later, I have my studio ready for my dreams to come true! I love gemstone and Swarovski stones and beads.

I love to work now with sterling silver and allergy-free materials because I have been battling with my eczema since my childhood. I want my jewelry to be safe for others as well.

My inspirations are coming from nature, culture, fashion, and color combinations.

Finelly? Yes, You read it right!
How we found the name for the jewelry brand, was pretty obvious. I had been waiting for a long time to get myself ready to work to get the supplies and tools, we said Finally. But it got twisted to Finelly because I am Finnish and I desire to do quality jewelry and learn even more to grow as a jewelry designer.

I live in Quebec, Canada with my husband Dali, in Eastern Township only about 2 hours from Maine, US border. Besides designing my jewelry, I am also a gamer, avid music lover and I want to keep myself busy. My husband Dali works a background as an advisor for business and he is my biggest support, who pushes me further than I originally planned to.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to email me, Thank you!

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