Taking quality photos is essential whether you are working as an influencer or just for personal reasons.  Photos may get your brand contracts and lead for earning money, but also make you feel better about yourself when you get the right ones.

#1. The best time to take selfies is in the daylight.
Be sure to have the sun in front of you. If you couldn’t capture enough lighting in the shot or if the photo isn’t exciting enough, add a filter to the image for a dramatic look.

#2. The camera above your head.
This prevents adding double chins to photos and brings more light to your face, making you look younger!

 #3: Best side of your face.
We all have the better side of the face, find out which is your better side,  tilt your face slightly down and to your best side.

#4. Watch those arms.
It is not a good idea to take selfies against the mirror and ensure your fingers do not go on the frame.

#5. Smile
If you put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile—it will help you look more relaxed and gives a beautiful and natural look to your face.

#6. Background Awareness
Make sure that you will check out your surrounding, especially the people behind your back, and in which direction you are posing at.

#7 Color Matching for finding your makeup foundation tone.
If you are requesting color matching to find the right foundation, make sure
– That you don’t have any makeup
– That camera lens is clean to get sharp photos.
– Take pictures inside (Not in the bathroom or in the car)
– Facing the window about 3 feet away
– Make sure that your neck is showing as well.

Do you have more tips on how to make better selfies? You can leave them in the comments and I will read them.

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