Farmasi Cosmetics came to Canada on October 1st, 2021. Farmasi is Beauty and Personal care company from Turkey, and they follow EU standards, which means they are cruelty and toxic-free and halal compliance products. They have a large selection of products from makeups to Fragrances, cosmetics for both genders, children’s, haircare, house care, fitness lines, and now 2022 we have got also Coffee Blends and currently waiting for wellness supplements.

Farmasi is the highest paying MLM company with compassion and understands the importance of its Influencers. Our product requests have been provided as well!

Our commission is 50 % of every sale we make through our website, but also bonuses that accumulate from our own purchases and our teamwork efforts. Our own teams will help with our goals.

If you love beauty and skincare products, it is an amazing opportunity to save money when you can use your own website for this, getting also PV (personal volume) that you can use for incentives (free products and trips) once a month.

For purchasing your starter/Business kit (Free to Canadians /19 USD+ shipping and taxes), you will get lots of samples that help you to find your color for foundation and skincare samples for your skincare regime, brochure, and catalogs that you can share with your friends or family members. This is only payment for your lifetime, whether you just want to try out before purchasing the full-size products or if you decide to start your own business.

You have 30 days refund policy for yourself and your clients!


Becoming an Independent Influencer!

– You will get a free shop, where people can buy the products
– You will get intensive training and sponsor to support your success from leaders
– You will get 50% for your own sales through your own links
– You will get 50% off your own personal purchases + free products
– You are able to choose your own work hours
– Work at home or take your work whenever you are going
– You can decide your way to work, there are 10 ways!
– Work with cruelty and toxic-free products, over 1300 harmful chemicals have been banned (USA products only 11, and most are imported from China factories)
– You will get rewarded for your work and success

All I need from you is dedication, consistency, and at least one hour per day to for your business. 


Farmasi Canada Catalogue is downloadable from my shop.

Contact Me for Sign up or more information. Men are welcome to join!

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You need to click the banner’s button that reads CLICK HERE, which will take you to create your own account. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me.


– No Inventory Needed
– No Shipping Needed
– No Monthly or Annual fees
– No monthly sell requirements


When you have decided to join my team, you have a great opportunity to purchase one or all of our product kits, so you can study and learn about our products so that you can start your business.

A NOTE: This is only once a lifetime opportunity, you can purchase it when you have registered yourself, not afterward.
Only 160 Canadian or 125 USD Dollars each + shipping and taxes, no duties for Canadians.

You need to activate your account by purchasing your starter kit (20USD), product kit when you have registering process, or something else that is valued at 75 PV for your first month!
(Product kits are listed on your shopping cart)