I am Janette and I am in living in Quebec, Canada.
I am 47 years old, fun and I love helping others I am looking for business partners!

Now you might think if this is spamming other people? NO.
We are not spamming people about our business or products. That is outdated and pushes people away too.

What we do is create friendships with new people, they will learn to get to know you and maybe they want to join, your team because they like you and trust you.  You don’t have to always use makeup either, it is not good for the skin. Posting your natural face on social media is good, people will see as you more than just that Farmasi person with similar problems as they have and can relate to you.

You have 10 ways to make your money, in your own way, at your own time and pace. But consistency (even if one hour per day) is required so you will keep your business going no matter what. Are you on social media often and taking selfies? Perfect!

– No inventory (you may get free stuff as incentives)
– No dropshipping
– No Monthly Quotas
– No other fees ever again after you have paid your starter kit!

Our products are legit, European and I personally love them. I don’t have to worry about chemicals, whether they have been tested with animals (I am an empath and I care).

I will help you on your journey and you will get a free ready-made website with amazing products, you will get training from top leaders (US/ CAN), and if you need someone to talk with me, I will be more just than a team leader.

You don’t need to be everything!  Some of us are power team builders and power sellers, and some of us are learning as working.

None of us are masters when we started. If you are not into makeup, that is not the problem. We have so many other things for you.
Most of us have health problems, and skin issues and come with a painful background.

Many people are struggling with personal issues etc. so do not let it stop making this leap, You will gain new friendships, new skills and so much more!

You can join us you are but you need a positive mindset for success and to be kind to others.

3 Questions for you:
Are you coachable?
Are you willing to dedicate to your business at least 1 hour a day? (consistency is a must)
What is your WHY you want to join in?

How much is 1 PV?
1 PV equals 1.22 CDN

How much it cost?
If you are in Canada, you will get everything for free to start. But you need to activate your account and purchase Ignite kit 100 CDN, another product kit 160 CDN, or other products that makes together 75PV for the first month.

If you are in the States, only 19.90 USD + tax & shipping
And while you are waiting for your starter kit, you can start working right away after you have got your registered account!

After you have registered, I will get a notification of this and I will send you an email. I hope to see you soon!

Any more questions, email me!

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