Hello Coffee Lovers!

How often do you drink coffee per day?

To me, it is usually one big cup in the morning. Just one…
But then I got my Farmasi Chicory Coffee/ Chicory & Collagen coffee blends… I have stepped over the lines.
I love it so much so I have had it about 3 times per day! It is so delicious, has a nutty taste as they have described.

I have run out of my favorite coffee now on the second week!

It is supposed to lower your blood and sugar pressures gives you more energy and boost your good mindset.

I usually heat the milk in the oven, sometimes add also hot water and add 2 teaspoons in there and use a milk frother to mix it well.
Coffee Creamers are the devil because they are very sweet and not so healthy either.

There are no taste differences between Chicory and Chicory & Collagen Blends.

Can't get enough of this!
In my Studio
With Whipped Cream
With all the deliciousness


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