Dive into the Dazzling World of Handmade Jewellers!

Calling All Jewelry Fanatics!

Obsessed with jewelry? The new documentary series Handmade Jewellers was premiering on Jeweller’s Academy on April 25th, 2024. Forget filler shows; this deep dive will reignite your love for jewelry-making.

A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse

Handmade Jewellers takes you on a wild, 5-episode ride exploring the skills and dedication behind breathtaking creations. Prepare to be blown away by the stories and techniques of these incredible artisans over five weeks.

Meet the Masters

  • Anna Sweet: Join Anna on a magical adventure as she reveals her cool waxwork and lost wax casting process. Her pieces? Love, luck, and whimsical charm in wearable form.
  • Susannah King: Dive into the world of a gemstone-obsessed, fourth-generation jeweler. Watch Susannah transform stones into stunning jewelry, bringing the legacy of craftsmanship to life.
  • Ange B: Prepare to be mind-blown by Ange’s bold, architectural designs. Her fearless creations push jewelry boundaries, taking storytelling and imagination to new heights.
  • Iain Sainsbury: Experience the timeless elegance of Iain’s work, where classic styles meet modern techniques. His creations celebrate lasting beauty and skill, from iconic pieces to cutting-edge methods.
  • Sima Vaziry: Get inspired by Sima’s incredible journey, from aspiring jeweler to rocking boutique owner. Her mastery of metal clay and unique design style embody the power of chasing dreams and perseverance.

Ignite Your Artistic Spark

But Sum up Handmade Jewellers isn’t just fun to watch, it’s a call to action! This series will light a fire in you to be creative. It’s not just about admiring other people’s work, it’s about inspiring you to try new things and make your own jewelry!

Question for you

Handmade Jewellers is all about igniting your creativity, Have you ever created your own piece of jewelry, or do you have a hidden artistic passion you’d like to explore? Tell us about it on comments!