I am here to serve you

I understand that creating a new account every time we want something can be exhausting, I have been there many times.

If you would love to buy something from Farmasi, we can do it 3 different ways.

1. I will create your customer / Discount  account and deliver your login details
You are able to log in and make your own purchases (Canadian Customers / US, CAN Discount Membership)

2. I will take your order list and add items to my accoun’t shopping cart, send you an link to your cart so that you can pay your order easily.

3. You can order same time as I am doing my own, I will take your full payment for order. Once I have received my order from Farmasi, I will re-ship your products to your address (shipping fee will be added on top and I will email your tracking number, too)

If you have any questions, email me.