How to Join the Club? 

Register as an Influencer ( You’ll be as Discount Member, who is not part of a Club but purchasing for themselves for 50% discount )

🇨🇦 Free to join for Canadians, all kits are optional but they are available only when you register yourself in! You may need to add something to your cart to activate them.
🇺🇲 Required to purchase your starter kit (activates your discounts.  usually 19 USD +shipping & taxes. No other fees ever again!) FOLLOW UP FOR PROMOTIONS!

We got European Great quality products that are cruelty-free, toxic-free, halal compliant and Over 1300 harmful chemicals banned! (the USA has banned only 11 and so many have been imported from China)

We have
Dr. Tuna Skincare Series, Makeup, Fragrances, Hair Line, Men’s Care, Home Cleaning,
Makeup Tools, Collagens, Vitamins, Coffee Blends, Hand & Foot Care, And More is Coming!

+ You will get a 50 % discount on your every order
+ Free group to join for updates, games, and product launches

+ If you ever decide to switch to work mode, even for part-time, you got everything ready for your success! This is where I would invite you to my Team group!

+ Requirements are to have 125 PV in your account for 6 months (your PV accumulates from each product you order, each product has its own PV value)
+ You have an opportunity to buy product kits during your registration process, at very affordable prices (actual values is between 200-400 CDN)
+ NO duty fees for Canadians!

If you live in the States or Mexico, you need to choose your own country from the list (US/CAN/MEX)

You have 30 days to Activate your Account from that day you have registered your account, otherwise, it will get suspended.

PLEASE use my Details for Registering

Janette Metso CA-01206848

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