A year ago I was waiting for Farmasi to come to Canada

I had no idea where I had signed myself up but I was so excited to meet new people, and work together with new friends. I followed Farmasi people preparing themselves to travel to the Gala in Turkey.

I would have never thought of joining this kind of company, but guess what…

I joined in because of the 50/50% Deal but  I realized that for jewelry modeling photos I need to be my model so I needed makeup. But then I got my products and I fell in love with them. I had Skin Concerns as I had an eye infection for a long time and it kept coming back, which lead to eyelid eczema. That worry disappeared with Farmasi products as they did not irritate my eye area, but healed fast with Dr. C Tuna’s Calendula Oil very fast. My eczema on my arm and other places never got a chance to spread out or get infected, thanks to Calendula Cream Balsam.

Farmasi Calendula Oil
Farmasi Calendula Oil and other products are safe also for babies and animals.

A Note: Farmasi is a European company that follows EU Standards, which means banning over 1300 bad chemicals, they have been dermatology tested, have Pharmacy Quality, no animal cruelty, not produced in China but Turkey / US Farmasi Factories. This company cares, listens to its influencers, and also provides products that we have been requesting.

(My husband is a semi-truck driver so Chicory & Collagen Coffee blend sachets would be perfect for him and anyone who is on the road most of the time, don’t we agree? The request has been submitted!)

Chicory & Collagen Coffee Blends Came into the House

Then we got Chicory & Collagen coffee that I love especially since you can use it so many ways and it does not leave me hungry, but a fulfilling feeling in my stomach.
And I am now so excited because we are getting Nutriplus Weight Control supplements and more are coming!

I have been battling with my weight for over 10 years, extra kilos appeared very fast after I got antidepressants that I did not need, so I am more than eager to start losing weight and my injured ankle can thank me later for healing too.

How Farmasi has changed my life so far?

  • Eczema & dry skin is under control with Dr. C  Tuna’s Calendula Balsam Cream
  • My Hair is doing better and growing  instead of disappearing with Dr. C Tuna’s Revival Hair Shampoo and Mask
  • I love to use makeup without worrying about ingredients, they also smell so good!
  • I have made new friendships
  • I have learned new things and stepped out of my comfort zone
  • I am having my own company that I love, well I have multiple at the moment.

I am still struggling with my PTSD trauma from my school years,  so I have not talked on social media as yet. I was bullied for a decade because of my voice and everything I was. But I believe strongly that I am going to break myself free from that fear of jail soon.

My question for you is:
What are the things that you are struggling with and how do you work around it?

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